Switchdigital (London) Limited (“Switchdigital” or “we”) is inviting applications from interested parties to launch a new DAB+ radio station on the London II multiplex.

Please note that this process does not constitute an offer of capacity by Switchdigital and that undertaking this process does not in any way oblige Switchdigital to enter into a contract in respect of London II capacity and we reserve the right to keep capacity unallocated or to change or suspend this process at any time without notice.

The capacity slot is for a normal stereo sound quality radio service delivered at 32kbits/sec using HE-AAC v2 (Parametric Stereo) with 48kHz sampling. For technical reasons, mono is not available.

The capacity is being offered on the basis of a minimum five (5) year contract term.

To enter the process, interested parties must first complete and sign this non-disclosure agreement and send it to the following email address: piers.collins@switchdigital.com.

Once we receive your signed NDA, we will send you the Application Questionnaire and details of the cost of the capacity.

Parties wishing to proceed with an application must complete and submit the questionnaire.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to enable each applicant to demonstrate that:

  • it has a good understanding of the issues involved in launching a new radio station and has a strategy for success;
  • is offering a strong, distinctive content proposition that will help broaden choice, and cater for tastes and interest;
  • is eligible to hold the necessary licence from Ofcom to provide a Digital Sound Programme Service; and
  • has, or could put in place, the resources, expertise and funding to enable it to launch a service and sustain it in the long term.

The closing deadline for submission of applications is 3.00pm on 10th June 2016. Switchdigital reserves the right to consider responses received after this date, but late submission would be a sufficient condition for such applications to be excluded from later stages of the process.

Switchdigital will review all of the information we receive, ask any supplementary questions and then make decisions about who will be offered a contract, taking into account a range of considerations, including but not limited to:

  • Ofcom and other regulatory considerations;
  • best and final offers submitted by applicants;
  • financial standing of the applicants;
  • Switchdigital’s own assessment of the financial viability of the service; and
    service distinctiveness.

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